Saturday, February 4, 2012

we are all alive!

Maren, here! Just thought I'd update you all and let you know we are all alive and doing well!
It's crazy how it's February already! Many months have passed since my mother has give you the low-down on the Q family. So as the oldest (and may I add most beautiful) child. I am taking responsibility to give you some highlights of what has been happening in our lives.

- I had that ever so lovely sweet sixteen I'd been counting down to! With a very unexpected surprise party, complete with a chocolate fountain and all!
-Cute Millie Marie had a birthday! What's a birthday without a blue tongue to go with it?
-Eli turned four! (pictures may or may not be coming soon...)

P.S. due to a certain family member's clumsiness/forgetfulness we have lost (and broken) two of our cameras. Anways, that sort of explains the lack of pictures in this post.

That should satisfy you all untill I have to take matters into my own hand again, say three months, okay? (;

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st day of school

Backing up to the first day of school . . . Don't worry, folks, we're almost caught up!

Eli is very excited about his new backpack and Miss Lynne's Preschool. When the weather allows, he LOVES to ride his bike to preschool - makes him feel so grown up.

And it is just next door!

Handsome, right?!

Maren started high school this year!

Very proud of her spanking new TOMS.

Darling, right?!

Millie (1st), Natalie (3rd) and Davis (7th).

So cute, right?!

Here's to another great school year!

enjoying the views

Hike the Y. Check.


We began at 7 am and this was our view when we reached the top.

We all were able to make it up the mountain, but these little legs got tired! Which made the big legs tired!

But here they are!

I didn't get many pictures of Davis along the way because he hauls up the mountain so fast. But I made him sit long enough to take this! And Eli was not interested.

Over Fall Break, we spent a couple of days with cousins! We went on a gorgeous hike. We even hiked through some snow.

As Dennis would say ... a hike isn't worth the effort unless there is water at the end (for fishing, you know!). However, he didn't bring his rod this trip, but it was a bit nostalgic for him as he hiked this canyon growing up.

The kids had a great time with their cousins and it was good to get away. Thanks to the Nisbet family for being such wonderful hosts. We love you!

All about the boys

More catching up on our summer activities ...

The kids decided to venture into the dress up box one day ... Eli was a ninja warrior with a twig for a sword riding on his second two-wheeler bike! Yes, second bike. Unfortunately the first one got smashed behind a car.

He then became Dr. Eli - making sure stuffed Husky was ok.

I took the boys to the Dinosaur Museum while the girls were spending a few days with Grammy and Papa. Davis is such a GREAT big brother. Eli loved having him all to himself!

These two found out they have lots in common - playing any kind of sport that involves a ball!

After a long day of playing ...

I LOVE our boys! I am so glad that despite their 10 year age difference, they can be good friends!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All about firetrucks!

A visit to the fire station. That's all it took to make this little guy smile like this! Cute group of kids, right?

Eli is definitely ALL boy. He loves his trucks, trains, airplanes, garbage trucks and all sorts of tools. For the next few days he would carry around all his firetrucks and watch "Fireman Sam" on the ipad.

He had many questions for the firemen - telling them all about their trucks!

He even got his own fireman hat and a bag of goodies!

His Preschool teacher couldn't have planned a better field trip. Eli will be talking about this for months!

Friday, November 4, 2011

trek and more summer

Wrapping up our summer activities - because it's almost Christmas!

Eli loves our little, patient dog, Roxy. And she is so good with him. She does occassionally let him know when she's had enough though!

Maren had a fabulous experience on Trek this summer. Isn't she a cute pioneer?

During each trek, they have a "Women's Pull", where the young men/men stand back and the women pull the cart - usually uphill, across a creek, or something a little difficult.

Getting ready - She had such a great trek family!

They were going to pull the cart up this hill -

To give some indication how GREAT the youth of ward are ... on their own, the young men of our ward decided that the women needed some extra help, divine help. They went off to the side and offered a prayer in their behalf. It left such an impression on the entire stake to see our ward of young men/men do this. It was mentioned by many throughout the entire post-trek meeting the following Sunday. We feel very blessed to live in such a wonderful area and especially to have our children associate with such great youth!

An experience to remember always for sure!

A random little creation made by Millie while visiting Arizona. Obviously it's two little pigs having a tea party!

Maybe a future as a sculptor?

Summer fun with friends - always fun for a dress-up day!

As part of a Christmas gift to our family, we had mapped out fun things to do as a family each month. We've had to make some substitutions and alterations and some just didn't happen. And the kids remind us constantly. But this we did. Family Fun at the bowling alley.

And we had FUN!


The whole reason we planned our Arizona vacation this last June ...

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Valentine!

Our cute niece, Jacquie, got married to a great, great guy, Trent. They are adorable and perfect for each other!

Ohhh, the pink glitter shoes!

The kids had a BLAST at their cousins one hot afternoon. They have their own water park right in their back yard! SO FUN! It was a definite highlight of the trip. Our kids could have lived there the whole week! Thanks, Pattons!

Nice cannonball, Nat!

See? Truly they have all the fun! Diving board, slide, cliff, waterfall and even an awesome rope swing! Natalie is prepping to take off on the rope swing (hiding behind the basketball hoop).

Maren and cute cousins, Hattie and McKindree -

Eli was a little nervous due to his "little accident" days before.

Daring Davis -

Millie braving the slide -

Just chillin' -

We are so thankful for this little guy. And SO thankful to a quick thinking Daddy! The afternoon of Jacquie and Trent's wedding, Maren and I needed to run a couple of errands before the reception that evening. Dennis stayed with the kiddos to go swimming. When we arrived back home about an hour later, Dennis was holding Eli in a blanket, sleeping. Everyone was pretty solemn and the house was quiet.Something had happened and everyone was a bit traumatized. Eli had nearly drowned. One minute he was playing on the shelf and the next he was floating (blue lips, not breathing) - all within minutes. Dennis reacted quickly - even having to use CPR. It didn't take long for Eli to respond, but long enough to shake everyone up pretty good. Especially Dennis. Because he responded quickly and seemed ok, 911 wasn't called. When I got home, he was groggy, but he knew things - us, his name, trucks. We went ahead to the reception, knowing that Dennis would be taking the littler kids home early. Eli was whiny (obviously) and needed to leave after an hour or so. On his way home, he called our good friend who is a NICU nurse and she suggested that we take him to the ER just as a precaution. She and her husband met Dennis and Eli at the ER. Many thanks to her for getting us right in! He checked out ok and the x-ray indicated no water in his lungs, but wanted to admit him for observation. I slept with him at the hospital. He did great. We were back home by 10 am the next morning and he had regained his strength and energy by noon!

So, so grateful - grateful for a husband that relyed on the spirit to know what to do in a moment of panic, to use his priesthood for healing, for a strong little guy that brings so much joy into our home, for a sweet, tender mercy of our Heavenly Father that showed us literally that life is precious. I still get teary thinking about it. It was probably a good thing that I wasn't there at that moment.

Dennis told me later that in the temple that morning, he had a distinct impression that he needed to know what to do if there was ever an accident in the pool. He was reminded by the spirit of those things he learned in scouts many years before so he could quickly respond to the need of saving our little boy later that day. Again. I am so grateful for wonderful husband who lives his life in such a way that the spirit can communicate those heavenly messages and he is able to respond and serve. I am blessed.

Arizona was eventful, but so fun to be with family and friends whom we love so much!